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Prasanna and AFridelle,

Thank you both for responding.  I can’t imagine I’m the only one suffering from this, but I have not seen much traffic in the BLOGosphere.

1. Regarding Backward Capability: I have MSP2010 Professional, but am not using PWA features on server.  Because the Inactivate Task (and Auto/Manual Schedule toggle) seems to work under some circumstances, I don’t think turning off the Backward Capability Mode should be necessary.  Do you agree?

2. Regarding AFridelle’s comment: I agree that a legacy project file – say MSP2007 – should open in MSP2010 Professional and then I should be able to simply convert using SAVE AS an MSP2010 Project file.  I’ve manually SAVED AS the files anyway, but that didn’t fix my problem.

3. I am open to suggestions.  I fear I must copy the projects into a working template, which will be a lot of work and possibly introduce corruptions in my data.  I have a MASTER and 12 SUBPROJECTS hammocked to that master with EXTERNAL links between the subprojects.  I’ll need to validate all that data.

Keep the ideas coming!  And thank you!  Todd