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Gregg, the literature review covered all major professions which is how I arrived at the 22 intrinsic and extrinsic attributes or criteria.
The 400 respondents were testing project management against those 22 criteria.
And I never said that there are no professional project managers.  What I said was that just because there are many of us who are good enough to make a living as project managers does not mean that project management is a profession.  I would urge you to re-read my article more carefully.
Not sure where or how you got the idea I didn’t get awarded my PhD?
One last comment- Given the fact that "Organized Project Management" have been around since the 1960’s (PMI, OGC/APM, AACE) and that we have what, 500,000 PMP’s globally, how is it project management has not demonstrated a SIGNIFICANT success rate in the past 50 years?  ESPECIALLY in the world of IT project management, which is the group of people who dominate PMI?
Bottom line on all this, I stand by my conclusion, which is if we want to EARN the respect of the consuming public, and raise the professional image of ourselves as professionals, then the only way to do that is by consistently delivering projects on time, within budget, in substantial conformance to the technical requirements and actually delivering whatever it was the project was undertaken to achieve in the first place.  Anything less is just so much BS.
Dr. PDG, Jakarta, Indonesia