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We initially had all of the projects in separate files with a resource pool which our new planner thought was exceedingly poor practice so we’ve now put all of the projects into a single file.  Ultimately the results we saw were the same down to the day.  There were some best practices that he was using like saving a copy of the file weekly and then adding the date to the name that was causing many problems.  I have a reall issue with the term best practices, each company will have it’s own practices and they are not the best for everyone.  It’s like the best president for the nation, he or she may be considered best by some and not others.  Thinking back to when we had all of the projects in separate files with a master project and resource pool, each project had it’s own critical path or the critical path across all project and you could open a single project and level it or level the master project to level the whole thing.  He’s also against any link type other than start to start or finish to start, is that a problem?  To me if it is a problem, it’s more a programming thing in how it computes critical path or total slack.  I’d especially like to use finish to finish.

The way I’ve adapted the project to work this issue is to link the finish of a section to a dummy task that runs to within a day of the finish of the last task, ie it only has a day or less of total slack.  If I want to see the critical path for that section, I increase the dummy task by a day and then the section becomes critical.  Because each dummy task only has a day or less of total slack all tasks within each section show correct total slack.  If I only want to level a single section, I can set the priority of all other tasks to 1000 and then level.  Sounds like insane practice to me.  Then there’s connecting it to Oracle Projects so it has to be split back out if you want to track all tasks; lets not go there…