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I made some sample 30 Day Look Ahead screenshots to show how I created the custom view using the custom date field:

1. Right click on a column and select “insert column” and insert an unused date field

2. I used Date 2 and renamed it “Now+30” using the rename button as shown below.

3. I then clicked on the “formula” button and entered the Now()+30 formula.

4. The resulting column inserted below returns the desired 30 day look ahead date of 10/15/12.  (Scroll down for more on how I used this in a custom view).


I created two custom text fields using the same steps with unused Text Fields for IPT and Owner (this is for the custom view – more on that below).  Next I made a custom filter using the Now+30 field:

1.  I select Project/Filtered for:/More Filters/New and created a filter called 30 day Look Ahead:


Finally, using the 30 Day Look Ahead filter, a custom group using the two text fields, and a custom table with the desired columns for the 30 Day Look Ahead report, I created a custom view and selected “show in menu” so it will always appear under my view menu to allow one-click to get to a 30 Day Look Ahead View for team meetings.


This is what the end product looks like before statusing (with a 9/1 project start and a 9/15 status date).  Only the tasks with starts up to 30 days out are shown:


I hope this helps – let me know if you’d like more information on the custom view or the indicator fields.  There are forumlas for each of those columns and I’d be happy to share if anyone is interested.  If you create a custom table, you can define it with the exact columns in your original post.  Also – looks like the days in the formula are calendar days, so Now+30 is a month.


Tim Jones