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Hi,I took a stab at the certification when it was offered for free in Beta version last year. The most frustrating part with these certifications is that the results do not tell you which questions you had wrong and why, so there is no way for you to review your areas of weakness (which they do provide, at a high level, grouped in 5 main categories of project management using MS Project). I failed the Beta exam (close call, but still a fail), and since I am pretty competitive, I ended up trying again, paying out of pocket the 2nd time around. I studied for 2 weeks non-stop, had three 600+ page books that they recommend nearly memorized (sidenote: I have been using MS Project 2003, 2007 and 2010 Standard and Pro since 2004!), yet I failed again, this time with weak” areas in 2 other categories??? I have contacted Microsoft afterwards about their feedback and its ineffectiveness w/regard to actually measuring skill and knowledge levels, but without much success. Needless to say, I am a bit disappointed with the process and do question the effectiveness/accuracy of these certifications.I don’t plan to target this certification again, unless my employer absolutely requires it.Not sure if this helps, but this is my experience with the process.”