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I’ve recently downloaded a beta copy of the MS Project 2013 and have to say that the tool has some changes good and not so good.

The new interface is visually a great step backwards, and reminds me of the days where you were given a choice of green or blue dependent on which screen manufacturer you used. Maybe I have missed a setting that allows you to alter the interface but as yet I have not found it. If it is designed this way to lower the demands on the computer sed then I suppose it is a good trade off. More grunt for the calculations as against the graphics allow more schedules to be open without your machine slowing down. As a user who has multiple schedules open concurrently this ould be a bonus.

The biggest step forward is the project dashboard being a single click. I can see this being utilised exstensively by PM’s and Schedulers to report status of the project.

After opening schedules from previous versions of project (2003/07/10) I have not come across compatability issues as yet, but Have not backsaved to see what compatability issues lie there. No doubt there will be be as that seems to always be the case.