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Hello – I am using Microsoft Project Server 2007.  I have a question with regard to the setup in Server for tracking effort hours.  For purposes of calculatng actual cost, my organization does not reflect effort hours in excess of 40; when cost is calculated (currently calculated in a spreadsheet), effort hours are capped at 40.  I would like to use Server to calculate actual project cost instead of downloading the data to Excel and performing the calculations there.  As a project manager, I would like to track the actual effort hours, regardless of whether the hours exceed 40 or not, but cap the hours at 40 (per week for each resource) for purposes of calculating cost.  Is it possible to configure Server to cap effort hours at 40 for purposes of calculating actual cost?  For the earned value calculations, I would like to use actual hours rather than capped hours.  Is it possible to accomplish this?  Let me know if I have not provided enough information.  Thanks!
Connie Maldonado