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Hello Ken,

Pls see the article here at:

The version number for SP1 of Project 2010 is listed as 14.0.6023.1000 in that article. The article also explains the methods to determine the version number.

Version number is a four-part string with the format where parts represent major version, minor version, build number and revision number respectively.  Build number is also called build version or update version which is 6023 in SP1.

Pls note that the version string of the product may also contain information on Service Pack applied as SPnumber.

We can decide whether the product that we currently use has been updated if we display the version string of the product, using the methods described in the article. On the other hand, that may not be true all the time; please see “Important” note on the bottom of the article:

<Not all updates change the version number that is listed in the About Microsoft Program_Name dialog box. Therefore, you must verify the properties for the program’s executable file.>

Additionally, you may visit the following articles on the topic:

You need to visit Update center here at to see the latest updates available. The KB (knowledge base) support articles provide version number information related to the updates listed. And also the kb articles are labeled with a 7-digit number in the format of KB xxxxxxx. I do not know the coding scheme used but the number of a new update released is always greater than that of the preceeding update based on my observation. So let’s check the Update Center now:

“June 2012 CU (KB 2712235)” is the latest cumulative update listed on the Update Center (as of the date of my post). Next, I click on the link provided for KB article and review the content to see the version string. I see the number “14.0.6123.5000” in the article. I conclude that (pls recall the Important note mentioned above) I am supposed to see 14.0.6123.5000 in the product version string right after applying the update.

Pls check this article for a definition of Hotfix, Cumulative Update, Service Pack:

A final note: Pls always check the “APPLIES TO” section in the support article for a list of the products that the update can be applied to. e.g. SP1 update ( can be applied to both Standard and Professional editions.


Ismet Kocaman