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Michelle Moulliet

Hi Ismet,

Your response was very thorough to this, as usual! 🙂  Since I just switched to Project 2010 I have a couple of questions that you might know the answer to.

I thought that since Microsoft releases routine cumulative updates, that both the MSO version number and the Project version number should now be identical.  Is that your understanding as well?

Additionally, is Microsoft only releasing updates for Project Server or are they continuing to release 1 update for the server and 1 update for the desktop?  I haven’t seen many CUs for Project, only for Project Server, so that is the impetus for my question.

I’m thinking something along the lines of Microsoft Office Project 2010 14.0.6134.5000 SP1 MSO 14.0.6134.5000 would be the latest build?

Thanks in advance,