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Thanks for the response.  With “My Tasks”, data in the Baselines and Planned fields will mix with the “Actual Hours” data.  We are using Fixed Duration and tried using Fixed Units and Fixed Work with the same results.  When 150 resources are on a task, somehow during the duration of the task, (even if it set for 300 days) will find itself at 100%.  That 100% forces all “Planned” hours into Actuals.  The team has built some the best dashboards in the industry for reporting time again a high level task in a number of projects using Xcelsius as the reporting tool.

We are thinking about Time Sheets instead since the data is kept away from the project plan.  Then maybe use the “Planned” fields.  However, I think the act of “Publishing” will have the potential of mixing this data.  We would like to simply keep “Actual Hours” and “Forecast or “Planned” hours completely separate and let Xcelsius do the rest.