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Good idea. This may be helpful for those who are getting prepared to take the live exam. To start with I spent about 100 hours getting ready for the exam. I’ve over 26 years of scheduling experience and started using Project when it was first release (before Project 98) which didn’t hurt.
  1. Started using Project 2010 late September but not extensively since my current client is using MSP 2003.
  2. I too attended some of the MPUG webinars for Project 2010 and certification.
  3. I worked through the Microsoft Project 2010 Ultimate Study Guide: Foundation by Dale Howard & Gary Chefetz of MS Project Experts. Didn’t skip a page from cover to cover. I went back through more than once any section that seemed difficult.
  4. I did a number of the Microsoft learning courses including the Introduction to the New Microsoft Office Fluent User Interface. MS has a Learning Plan for Managing Projects by Using Microsoft Project 2010 (Exam 70-178) which I found a few days prior to my exam date.
  5. I surfed through the numerous blogs in the many sites to get as many hints, tips and suggestions that I could

I have found that there are a lot of knowledgable people who are very generous with their time and openly share their knowledge with the rest of us. Many thanks to all of them.