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Yes, congrats to those who passed the beta!
I didn’t have much time to study – probably spent about 25 hours max.  But I have 14 years experience using MS Project and found 2010 to be a great improvement over all past versions.  It was very intuitive to me, therefore the test to me was rather easy.  We are not using 2010 in my organization so I had to find out as much as I could on my own.
1) I attended all the MPUG WebnLearns that I could.
2) I  worked through the Microsoft Project 2010 Ultimate Study Guide: Foundation by Dale Howard & Gary Chefetz of MS Project Experts. More important, I first went through from start to end their similar book that outlines only what’s new in Project 2010.  I looked at the former book only 3 days before the exam just to brush up on things I already knew about MS Project from previous versions.
3) I had a copy of MS Project 2010 I could use to review the new items.  I would strongly recommend downloading at least an eval copy.  Hands-on in conjunction with the books is the way to go, at least for me.
4) If you have never taken one of the cert exams before, it will take you some time to study.   Things you take for granted that you can just look up on any given day at work you need to really know how to do them from memory.  For instance differences between task types, duration vs work vs units, and baselining vs interim plans just to name a few.