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Richard –
     The "Weeks" in Data Analysis of Project Server are very literal.  It sees a week as Sunday through Saturday, all the time.  If you look at a calendar for January 2011, you will see that the first day of the month is Saturday January 1st (week 1).  Because of this, January ends up with 6 weeks.
Week 1:  1/1/11 (Saturday)
Week 2: 1/2/11-1/8/11
Week 3: 1/9/11 – 1/15/11
Week 4: 1/16/11 – 1/22/11
Week 5: 1/23/11 – 1/29/11
Week 6: 1/30/11 – 1/31/11
Week 6 then goes into February, which means February goes into Week 10.
Is this causing some sort of issue?  I’m not typically comparing information based on "week number", so this hasn’t caused any problems for me.  In regards to Week 10 showing at the beginning of the view for February, this is caused by Excel seeing the heading (Week 10) as text.  And, from a text standpoint, Week 10 comes before any week starting with a number higher than 1.
Hope this explains it!