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Ben’s right, of course. You don’t want to lose information about the project’s history, including assignments that were completed.PWA is primarily used by team members for managing their upcoming work. So, they only need to see upcoming work in a fairly short time horizon.  For this reason, it would have been considerate of the designers to assume the most common need when setting up the first-time view. They could have simply set that filter (“incomplete tasks”) as the default, rather than including completed tasks in the default.Project members also usually prefer a limited time-horizon as well, so that they can switch to another upcoming task when the one they’re working on gets halted temporarily.  A good window for most people is usually about two weeks, assuming that tasks are no more than 2-3 days in duration.  This presents a much less cluttered view than showing all assigned tasks into the future.

Occasionally PWA it may be useful to review recent history, such as when discussing a weekly (or daily) status review.  That would be a good application for including the “completed tasks”, but again, a time-period filter should be applied to cover only those tasks completed since the last review, to avoid clutter.

 Posted by Ben Howard


In the ribbon set the filter to All Incomplete tasks.   This is a better process to either chaning the booking type to proposed or setting the task publish field to No.


BR,  Ben.