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“Allocation and Finances,

Hello Oscar —

Are you referring to MPUG sessions (chapter events or WebNLearns, or sessions at the Microsoft Project Conference in Phoenix, AZ in the spring?

I am presenting a session at the Microsoft Project Conference, ‘Managing Resource Supply and Demand with Microsoft Project Server 2010; As the even draws closer, you will be able to visit the web site and view detailed agendas and topic descriptions.

I have also done a presentation on how to easily implement a Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) using Microsoft Project and Project Server, which allows you to categorize and report on resource-related costs that you incur on your projects. Without going into a ton of detail here, it basically involves creating a custom resource field that includes a lookup table containing a hierarchical values for classifying your resource costs; when you then assign the resources to the tasks in your project, you can easily extract the associated costs by the CBS that you have defined.

If there is any interest in this topic, then we can lobby for MPUG to schedule a time for me to present this to the rest of the MPUG community via one of the regular WebNLearns.

Hope this helps!

— tz