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Martin, there is a good solution for you but it might take a bit of practice. It requires you to setup some options and then follow a process. The option to set (in 2010) are in Options / Advanced / under Calculation options for this project. Select the four (or combination of) the Move end, and move, Move start, and move checkboxes. The fourth one is the one you need to do what you want. Then follow these steps: (1) set the status date, (2) enter actual duration or % complete. The tasks will line up to the status date as indicated on the calculation options.Another easy way to do it as needed is to set the actual start date along with the actual work/duration. Give one or both of them a try and see what you like better. Hope that helps.I’ll also be going over these options in more detail in an MPUG certificate series called Microsoft Project Scheduling Essentials. The three part series will be on the first three weeks of November.