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Larry Mead

Hi Shannon – Please let us know if you would like a demo of our CS Timesheet solution.


CS Time Sheet adds a new timesheet to Project Server to increase the data quality of your time reporting. Users can enter their time-phased actual work with added comfort (like sum-values, validations, favorite tasks, etc.). Entered data can be protected from changes based on configurable criteria. Reports present actual work in a printable format (e.g. ‘Activity Report’, ‘Top 10 Projects’).


Top features are:

Sum of Work > View the sum of actual work for a project and the entire day
Comments per Day > Add a comment per day
Booking Details > Use Task Pane to state additional information (like Activity Type, etc.)
Favorite Tasks > Fave your tasks to speed up data entry
Lock Periods > Protect the past from any changes
Dedicated Database > Ensures data not to move
Reporting > Generate an Activity Report with one click
Report for Others > Act as a delegate or have a centralized role enter data for an entire dept.
Two-Step Approval > Have another role approving the entered data before sending to the Project Manager
Data Validation > Check data directly when entering – e.g. allow max. of 12 hrs a day
Multi-Language > Available in EN, DE and FR – many more languages possible

Screen Design

We’ve adjusted the screen design to the Project environment to ensure a seamless integration.

Sales Material

Sales material is available on CaeSar Sales > Collaterals > SSP > TSE

Recorded Sessions

Internal Briefing (40min.): CS_TSE_InternalBriefing_Aug2013

Bits & Bytes

MS Project Server 2013

CS TSE 3.0 Deployment Package
CS TSE 3.0 Deployment Guide

MS Project Server 2010

CS TSE 2.1 Deployment Package
CS TSE 2.1 Deployment Guide

Your contact person: Ingo Meironke