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Thanks for the quick response, Larry — I was hoping that was the answer because it didn’t seem like I could cause any harm in turning off the top level reporting.  I did reverse that change and it didn’t fix anything, so I put it back in place (as we don’t want anyone to report time at the top level).

I don’t actually know when the issue of adding tasks/resources to projects quit flowing to timesheets — I just happened to notice the problem when I tested turning off time level reporting last week.

I’ve added tasks many times in the past with no issues flowing to timesheets, so I sent a note to our HelpDesk to see if they made any server changes in the past few weeks that could affect my security.  (Note: Last week I also found that our cubes had quit building on their nightly schedule, but our HelpDesk restarted the server this AM and that fixed the issue — however it didn’t fix my task flow to timesheets.  Something is odd…)