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Keeping it short and succinct. (KISS):

Use a verb to state the action to be accomplished in the time span (not date) shown, e.g. Design ABC, Build ABC, Test ABC, etc. Note that Design, Build, Test (as used here) are verbs.

Be sure to assign the name of the group, or better yet, the person, responsible for the needed action (verb) on the schedule.

Use a noun to state the name of an event that is to be accomplished on the date (not span) scheduled, e.g. Design Start, Critical Design Review, Report Review, etc. Note that Design, Critical Design , Report (as used here) are nouns.

Remember, people will do what is expected of them, but they need to be told what is expected and when it is expected, as well as other needed requirements.  The telling needs to be in witing to be as clear as possible and preclude having to state, ” I know you heard what I said, but do you understand what I meant?”.