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Hi Bryant,

Not to be used only for estimating. The “estiamte” would flow downstream through project request/review/approval into work orders.  The thought of using Project Portfolio in the submttal/review/approval then into WO has been also brainstormed.

We have an estimating catalog that we have built over the years that indeed one of the things to figure out is how to best make it avaiable to an .mpp file as a person builds the estimate in the .mpp file.

Our estimating efforts currently are focused on the estimation of engineer/procure/construct of capital projects at a very early stage, pre design, mostly for budgeting purposes  One of our biggest challenges is to get the estimate requester to actually define/scope their project well enough to be estimated, but that is not the topic here.  We are looking at moving more to the use of BOE’s and typicals for the budgeting aspects and more our efforts more t othe constructability estiamtes after design is done.