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PMP boot camps have their place, but I wouldn’t use them as your source of learning about project management in the real world.  They are designed specifically to help you identify what will be on the test and help you with identifying techniques for learning the information in order to pass the exam.  If you are looking for project management training in general, that type of class is probably not for you.
I attended a PMP boot camp and there were some ways that the information was taught that made it much easier to remember, but I had prepped myself quite a bit before hand.  I had originally scheduled for a "Real-World Project Management" class, but it had been canceled and wasn’t going to be rescheduled for 6 months, so I opted for the PMP prep class instead since it was free through our partner company.  I don’t think that it was a waste of time as usually you gain some knowledge from every class you take.

Ginger Drehmel-Leland