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      Hi All,

      I in the process of implementing the use of MSP in a fairly large construction company, and I need to satisfy both the PM’s need for planning and monitoring, and the controller/management needs for reporting. As far as the PM’s needs Im good since I have been using MSP for +20 years, but the controller is a bit trickier because it’s on a new level for me.

      His expressed need is to be able to generate a custom report consisting of the content of about 15 custom fields from a Gantt chart table to Excel. I have created the table, but can’t get my head around how to export them into a spreadsheet. So, to my question. Should I:

      a) Use an existing report and modify it? If so, suggestions?
      b) Create a macro that exports to Excel?

      Greatfull for all feedback!

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Hi Lars, try exporting the data to Excel and see if that does the trick. From the project, Save As, Save As Type-Excel Workbook. That will take you to the Export wizard. Next, Selected Data, New Map, Tasks, select columns, Next, Save the map and Finish. Hope that helps…

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