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A short introduction and some questions to the more experienced PMs here

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    Hey dear PM fellows,

    I’d like to take the chance and introduce myself.

    My name is Phil, and I live in Germany – Bavaria (yes, where we have the good beer 😉

    I’m 41 yrs old and father of two wonderful children, married to the most wonderful wife any man can wish for.

    My profession is that of a manager in IT procurement where I often take over timely limited project management roles. Usually we procurement guys are heading a small negotiation team and hence have to deal with all kind of different tasks (negotiations, legal alignment, strategy alignment, etc.)

    Besides that, I run a small side business where I mainly care for Microsoft Office related tasks (especially Excel).

    I posted this thread to exchange knowledge with other project managers although I must admit – as you may have read from the previous paragraph – that I’m not a 100% project manager. However, I found out for myself that acquiring “project management qualities” helped me lot in my daily tasks.

    Especially the planning part of project management is fascinating for me especially once you pass the point, where planning turns into execution. I’m a strong believer in IT supporting project management tasks, and my slogan here has always been “the easier, the better”. I know that tools and IT-supported processes will help business tasks, but I don’t want to use them just because “everyone does it”.

    My expectations for this community here are mainly of a psychological nature (so to say). This is especially interesting for me because I think I can learn a lot to deal with “my stuff” more smoothly.

    I’m interested if other members of this community face similar challenges and how you deal / overcome them?

    What are your daily struggles, what does the seasoned full-time project manager deal with? What are obstacles that you expect and how do you solve these problems?

    I hope that I’m not too demanding with these questions, but I’d love to learn all your little secrets for everyday work 😉

    Looking forward to engaging conversations…

    Dennis M. Barto

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    Nico Ray

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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