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      Hello fellow project managers,

      I have a client who is requesting a report broken down by what the resource logged in their timesheet on a daily/weekly/or monthly basis. Does anyone have a quick way to go about this?

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      Hi Natalie;
      I’m not that familiar with Project REPORTING, but I can provide you with a means to do this in a view and PWA.
      I’m using Project 2013

      Create/Copy a Resource Usage type view. In the new view.
      * Customize the left table columns as you need.
      On the right side of the view is the Timescale data. Generally this shows the Work values by default.
      * On the left edge of the timescale side of the view is column that will say Work Work Work Work going down the column. Right click in this column. A pop-up window will appear with all the fields that could be displayed in the timescale data portion of the view. Click/check the Actual Work field name and close the pop-up window. The timescale data should now show two rows for each resource. If desired, you can use the same process to uncheck the Work field and only show Actual Work in the timescale data.
      * Right click the timescale headings. This should open a window that allows you to customize the timescale itself. For example, set the Middle Level to Months and the Lower Level to Weeks. This will group the timescale data by Month/Weeks and as a result, the timesheet entry data (Actual Work) will summarize to align with the Timescale. You can adjust the timescale in many ways, including multiple weeks (if, for example, you apply actuals bi-weekly).

      Once the view is setup, you can use Print Page Setup to add view reporting headers, footers, and such. Then print the view.
      Note that using a Resource Usage view also will allow you to expand any/all resources so you can not only see a summary of all hours they entered in each period, but you can also see which tasks the hours were applied to.

      Since you talk about time entry, I’m assuming you use PWA.
      People with PWA access can go into the Resources window and pretty much see the same data, except in here its across all projects the resource is assigned to. Open the PWA Resources window and click the Resources tab to open the Resources Ribbon.
      * About 3/4 way to the right, click the Selected Resources option (check it). This will add a column on the far right of the Resources window showing any selected resources. This will make sense in a minute.
      * In the list of resources, find the resources you want to repeatedly review or report on. There’s no easy way to do this other than scrolling. Click/check each resource as you find them and their name will appear in the Selected Resources list on the far right. Selected resources will ALWAYS stay selected until you manually unselect them. This is nice if your a manager always checking the same 5-10 resources every week.
      * Click the Resource Assignments icon on the far right of the Resource Ribbon. This opens the window in which you can see all the information you want for each of the selected resources.
      * Click the Time Phased Data icon on the far left of this new window. This shows the resource data in a timescale perspective.
      * Using other icons in the ribbon, you can adjust the data display date range, change the fields displayed (if you want to see Actuals or Actuals and Work), etc. You can also expand and collapse resources, and the projects under them to see a summary row perspective of each resource and each project they are assigned to.
      In our organization, some of our managers like this view because it’s online, it provides cross project data, and it can easily be exported to Excel.

      I hope that helps or at least gives you a few alternatives to look at.

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