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      Dear all

      we are migrating all our project form Ms project stand alone to Ms project server.
      Doing that we had also the necessity to standardize the resources.

      Now we need to updated in existing base line, mainly dates, also the resources without changing the baseline date.

      Any one has some suggestion ??



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      Daryl Deffler

      It appears you have a couple questions.
      First, baseline data is stored at the task level. You can add/remove/change resource assignments and it will not impact the baseline data captured at the task level. Baselines can be updated by selecting specific tasks and then performing the Set Baseline function with the Selected tasks option. Note that Project will NOT re-calculate WBS level baseline totals/sub-totals unless the To summary tasks option is selected.
      Second, from a standardized resource perspective, Project provides a very nice function to replace an existing resource already defined in your project pool with another resource. You can do this with the Add Resources > Build team from Enterprise function. Once you select an enterprise resource in the Build team window, you can select a resource in the current project resource pool and click the Replace button. All remaining work on the replaced resource is transferred to the newly added resource.
      Additionally, this same function is also available in the Assign Resource window by selecting a resource in the Assign Resource window and then clicking the Replace button.
      Finally, if the resource name already defined in the project pool exactly matches an enterprise resource name, when you save the schedule to the server, Project will prompt you to see if you want to change the resource currently defined in the resource pool to use the enterprise resource of the same name.

      Hope that helps

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      Hi Daryl

      Thanks for your answer

      What i really need is to have resources distributed as the base line date already saved in the Gantt.
      I did try everything but so far nothing works.

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      Daryl Deffler

      Can you provide additional information to help clarify your conversion starting point and final end point?
      What is your current environment and how are you using MS Project to run projects?
      Do you have 3-5 PMs or 300?
      Are the PMs using the schedules to capture actual work and if so how?
      How large are the schedules in number of tasks, total hours, and total duration?
      What version of project?
      Are these active projects? Meaning some projects might be just starting, projects are started and have varying degrees of completeness.
      Are these completed projects?
      Has actual work been applied to these projects either thru manual entry of actual work or thru timesheet entry, or by using task level % complete?

      Sorry for all the questions, but having recently converted from another tool to Project, there are times when the costs of providing the data far outweigh the benefits achieved. For example, we determined that MS Project Server data using consistent enterprise resources across all schedules would start with our conversion date because the manual effort needed to fix all that past data wasn’t worth it.
      I’m trying to understand if your issues are with current schedules and remaining work moving forward or if your issues are with attempts to convert past, historical data.

      Theoretically, if you change the local resource name to exactly match the enterprise resource name, when you save the schedule to the server, project should recognize this match and ask you if you want that local resource to become the enterprise resource and if yes, it replaces the local with the enterprise resource for the entire spectrum of the project, which I think should cover past actual work as well.

      One other thought that could be impacting how project schedules resources in the enterprise server environment that wasn’t a concern in the stand alone environment. Unless you tell it otherwise, Project will level the resources in your schedule against ALL other schedules in the server. Meaning, if Joe is used in your schedule and he’s fully allocated in another schedule for two years, Joe’s tasks in your schedule may not start any earlier than two years from now.
      This can be turned off as follows. This is how using Project 2013.
      In Project, Click File > Manage Accounts, and then select the “Choose an account” radio button. This tells Project to display an account login screen when the desktop software is trying to connect to the Server. Then close Project and re-open Project. You should now see an account login window appear. In this login window is an option: “Load Summary Resource Assignments” and this needs to be un-checked. Once un-checked, Project will now schedule your enterprise project resources based solely on their use within the open schedule.

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      Hi Daryl

      My problem is more how to convert historical data.
      To be more precise I have several time schedule originally created in a standalone MS project.
      All this Gantt had already a defined baseline, but only for the part of the dates.
      I would like to know if there is a relative simple way to add to the existing base line also the new created resources. That’s to say resources distributed according existing baseline dates.
      We have something like 20 projects in our portfolio and more than half have been created before the migration to the server. That mean that I cannot run any reports at aggregate level, because half of the Gantt are incomplete.
      Thanks again


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