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      David Simon

      Does anyone know if you can include the project status date to a report in MsProject? This would be helpful information to be able to automatically include in a custom status report.
      Thanks in advance.


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      David, best I can tell you in a quick look is to use a custom date field and have it equal to the Project Status date [Status Date]. Not sure you can retrieve it otherwise within Project. You can get it within Project Online or Project Server from the database.

      Maybe someone has a shortcut. Hope that helps.

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      Thanks Larry. I will look at trying that. I already looked into Project Online, to see if there were any enterprise options.

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      Regina OHare

      If you want to show today’s date in the Gantt chart area, you can adjust the gridlines.
      Right click on the Gantt Chart; select Gridlines -> Current Date

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      Tom Boyle

      For “Visual Reports” (the pivot table/chart exports to Excel), then I think Larry’s already answered. You’ve got to get the status date into the task records through a custom field.

      Inside MSProject, the Project Status Date is included among the “General:” fields that can added to Headers and Footers in the page setup dialog. That dialog is available for Reports as well as Views/layouts.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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