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      Gordon Anderson

      After a timeline chart is made, can several rows be added to the top (Rows 1-5) that have no direct bearing on the chart material, but where data can be manually entered within boxes below each given date?

      The company is very IT intensive. What I’m trying to do is, as well as projects, the chart contains employee resource requirements for each project and I want to include a summary box at the top of the chart that would contain the manual count of total employee requirements from each area, on any given day, that would be needed for staffing.

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      Larry Christofaro

      Not sure I understand your request as related to the timeline chart. If you are talking about the out of box Timeline view then you select the tasks that show here. If you are talking about a report chart, you can:
      * Create a custom field that flags these tasks
      * Create a filter that filters out these tasks
      * Add that filter to your chart report
      Hope that helps…

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      Jigs Gaton

      If you are talking about the Timeline chart at the top of each project, then yes, you can 1) add task rows to the timeline, then 2) copy the timeline to a powerpoint slide and 3) augment the timeline in anyway that you want. Hope that helps…

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      Gordon Anderson

      Thank you Larry and Jigs. I think Jigs is thinking more in line of what I am contemplating… i.e. adding task rows to the timeline. In an attempt to clarify, the company handles hundreds of jobs with each job being addressed by 5 different groups of experts. Each group has a designated number of full-time staff. As an example, if a group had 10 people full-time, at 8 hours per day, the resource allocation for full-time employees would be 80 hrs/day. As soon as a daily workload was expected to exceed 80 hours then ‘contract’ workers would need to be brought in to handle the excess. These ‘top rows’ that I want to add would simply give a daily summary workload (in hours) of all the work in house or projected, so someone could quickly see the overflow needs, rather than scrolling down through the chart and analyzing all the ‘red men’ which indicate over allocation.

      I’m just trying to offer a quicker way to view ‘over-allocation’ needs.

      Sorry if all of this is clear as mud. 🙂

      So Jigs… can you briefly explain how to add those task rows to the timeline? Thank you so much!

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      Jigs Gaton

      Gordon, right-mouse any row in the task list and “Add to timeline.” But not sure if that’s going to help…sounds you want a display inside of MSP… one that better shows overallocations for the MSP user? I agree 🙂 Btw, there is always the over allocated view.

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