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      Has anyone developed an IMS that supports Earned Value and represents the Agile S/W Development Process?

      I’m finding that this is a rather difficult process and there isn’t one common way of doing things.

      Thanks in advance!

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      Can’t recommend a solution for you. But I’d point out that if you find someone who’s offering you “THE agile EV solution”, your spider senses should start going off like a there’s a five alarm fire. Whatever system you find will have to be modified (continuously) to fit your current process and in response to your modifications to that process as you refine it.

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      amy schneider

      I have MS project 2010 and just found out that there is a report and template for agile projects. “Using Project to manage your Agile Projects”.

      Has anyone used this template and if so, do you have a populated project that you could share?

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      Heather Agee

      I am doing Earned Value using a resource loaded schedule at my business. We are not doing agile, but we are doing rolling wave planning, which might be similar in some ways. Do you have a specific question?

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      Hi Heather Whitworth

      Can you please share the sample template which you used for rolling wave planning process.

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