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      Using square brackets after a Resource Name seems to put a cap/maximum % allocation of that Resource for that Task e.g. John Doe, Joe Bloggs[50%], Joe Schmoe[50%], Bob Hoskins, Ivor Hammer, Mandy Smith.
      If Joe Bloggs and Joe Schmoe are from the same team, I want them to equally share a fifth of the total Work (i.e. 50% of a fifth aka 10%). The work is spread evenly over the days of the task e.g. a total of 10 hours work each day/1 hour for each Joe, 2 hours each day for the other Resource Names.
      I have other tasks where (attending training courses together) where I want to assign Joe and Joe to attend (e.g. 10:00-12:00 on same day) – as individually named Resources (@[100%] allocation) or assign the team name as a Resource Name assigned to that course.

      Can I achieve this AUTOMATICALLY by grouping Joe Bloggs and Schmoe in a Group and assign the Group as the Resource Name (the Group having the total capacity of Joe+Joe) – especially when Resources still have some Remaining Availability? How else?

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