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      Normally tasks shall not occur on weekends, but I have some tasks that have to be done these days. I have learned that I can make an alternative calendar. In the overview of the calendar the weekend days is no longer greyed out.

      But when I apply this calendar to a task it makes no different. The task is 2 days and starts on a Friday, but it still continues at Monday. What am I doing wrong?

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      daryl deffler

      The following MPUG article explains calendars.
      In general, Project will only schedule resources to work on tasks when the resource/project/task calendars align. Meaning for example, if a task calendar says the work can occur on Fri-Sun and the resource calendar says the resource can work Mon-Fri, work will only be scheduled where the task/resource calendar overlap, which in this example would be Friday.
      However, at the task level, if you assign a task calendar and you want the task calendar to 100% control when the work occurs, you need to check the box at the task level indicating that scheduling should ignore the resource calendar. When this is checked, scheduling only looks at the task calendar.
      This is an easy way to schedule non-standard work hours (without trying to change all the resource calendars) for something like an install weekend where the work will occur outside the project team’s normal work hours.

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