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      Gopika Nair


      I am currently using the project online/PWA 2016. The project managers are not able to view the task updates from the resources. Instead all the task updates are available at the admin’s approval window. I would like to know the permissions to be added to make the Project managers approve the task updates and make these updates reflected in the project window.

      Thank you.

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      Avatar photoSai Prasad

      In SharePoint Permission Mode, you cannot edit the default permissions assigned to any of these SharePoint groups. If you need more management of your user permissions in Project Onilne/PWA 2016, you can change to Project Permission Mode. “Approve Timesheets” permission needs to be provided to the project manager security group

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      Gopika Nair

      Hi Sai Prasad,

      Thanks for the reply. Now the projects managers are able to see the updates. I would like to know how these updates could be reflected in the project schedule.

      Thank you

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      Kerry S.

      Hello, Sai Prasad, I think I’m missing something here. How does enabling “Approve Timesheets” in the Project Manager security group allow folks in that group to get notifications when tasks are updated in the project schedule.

      It may be how we are structured that I have not been able to find a solution for us. I head up a team of 4 client managers, who have PM roles (like ensuring the client work is being done on time by their project team), but are not technically PMs (by trade or certification).

      So, we prefer them to only make % complete and date change updates in their client schedules. I initially wanted to set up PWA and MS Project such that I would have to approve any updates that the client managers made on behalf of their project team and client updates. Keep in mind that my name is not associated with the project schedule. We were not able to find a way for this to be set up. I have made myself the “Status Manger,” so I get email notifications of when a schedule is updated, but I can’t intervene and approve.

      If the “Approve Timesheets” can help to allow this process to work in my environment, can you direct me to more information on it? If I’ve completely miss-understood, then never mind. Thank you! Kerry S.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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