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      Michael Wellhousen

      Hello —

      I’m inquiring if there is an automated way (i.e. formula which could provide an indicator in an ms project column) if a resource has a unique calendar (i.e. the resource has non working days that are different from the project base calendar)?

      My reason for asking this is to determine if non working days for the Resource has been setup in ms project — I realize I could check the properties for every resource and review the “Change Working Time”, but obviously this is not very efficient.

      So, I would like to setup a customized column that would conduct a comparison between the Resource’s and the Project’s working time – If these are different, then it would indicate that unique working times have been setup for that Resource.

      Thanks in advance —


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      Michael Wellhousen

      Mr. Ismet –

      Thank you for your response — Unfortunately, I received an error with your suggested formula.

      I was thinking about this and basically, the thing I want to check is total working days in the project base calendar versus an individual’s calendar. If vacation or other non working time has been set for an individual (which should almost always be the case), then the number of working days between the individual’s calendar and the project base calendar should be different, which be the condition I want to check.

      If(# Working Days Resource Calendar <> (# Working Days Project Calendar, “Resource Calendar Prepared”, “Resource Calendar Not Prepared”)

      Is there a way to accomplish this type of checking?

      Thanks again —


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      Try the following formula in a resource custom text field, for example, Text1; and insert this field to the Entry table in the Resource Sheet to see the results:
      iif ( ProjDateDiff( [Start];[Finish];[Name]) = ProjDateDiff( [Start];[Finish];[Base Calendar]); “”; “Check Calendar” )
      Pls also see this article:
      Good Luck.

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      Please try this:
      iif ( ProjDateDiff( [Project Start];[Project Finish];[Name]) <> ProjDateDiff( [Project Start];[Project Finish];[Project Calendar]); “Resource Calendar Prepared”; “Resource Calendar NOT Prepared” )

      The #ERROR situation is just because both Start and Finish hold NA for an unassigned resource. You can use [Base Calendar] instead of [Project Calendar], depending on the calendar use for resources.

      Ismet |[at]

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