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      I have my gant chart set up with flags to automatically format bars depending on their process.
      When I do this and add in % complete, the progress bar is behind the auto format bar so it cant be seen.

      Is there any way of bringing the progress bar format to the front of the other bar formats?

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      Thomas Boyle

      Hi Chris,
      The layering of the bar chart objects occurs according to (the reverse of) their order in the bar styles list; i.e. those bar styles at the bottom of the list will appear superposed on the other layers. For your case, use the mouse to point at a blank area of the bar chart pane, then right click and select “bar styles”. Then find your progress bar, “cut row”, and paste it below the other bar that is in the way.

      If your “auto-format” bar is being routinely added by VBA or other code, then you may need to revise that code to ensure the order you want.

      Good luck, tom

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