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      Rena Stearns

      Recently my project was re-baselined. I forgot to set the baseline because I was waiting on management approval of the re-baseline. Since then, status has been updated and the original re-baselined dates have shifted for some tasks. When attempting to set the baseline, the current start and finish dates are being carried over as the baseline dates. However, the originally agreed upon dates should be the baseline dates. For example, a task was 2 days late on Sept 16 and still isn’t finished, but if I set the baseline today, it shows the finish date and baseline finish date being Oct 5. Is it possible to set the baseline finish date to Sept 16, not Oct 5? There are numerous dates that need to be reverted back. Please advise if this is possible in Project 2016.

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      Larry Christofaro

      Hi Rena. Unfortunately Project only knows the current schedule. You can certainly modify baseline data manually after it is snapped. Those columns are open to modify. If you have a saved copy you might want to try and copy partial columns from one to the other, but I suggest care. The more automation or mass changes, the higher likelihood of errors. Good luck…

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      Thomas Boyle

      I’d suggest manually de-progressing a copy of the current schedule, baselining it, then re-progressing the schedule either manually or via xml import (the latter doesn’t always work.) As Larry points out, the visible baseline task cells can be manually modified (e.g. via copy/paste), but you would also need to modify all the assignment and time-scaled data, which is quite tedious and error-prone. Good luck, tom

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