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      Michael Street

      Working in MSP Pro 2010. Not utilizing a server based system. Stand alone project file with its own resource table.

      Problem: Input not resulting in the correct Baseline2 Cost for the WBS Sub-element and Project.

      Baseline1 has been saved to Baseline2 in preparation for adding newly authorized activities to Baseline2.
      Added new activities to status file in the future that have cost and work values.
      Baseline2 updated to incorporate these activities.

      Baseline2 Cost in the WBS Sub-element does not add up to the correct total value.

      Additional action:
      Removed % Complete and Physical % Complete from the status of all other activities in the WBS Sub-element. Baselined again.

      The Baseline2 Cost is correct at the WBS Sub-element, but the total Project Baseline2 Cost is not correct. In fact, the Baseline2 Cost decreases significantly from the pre-exercise total.

      How do I remedy this?

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      I believe you need to set the status date to the start date of the work being baselined, then set the baseline.

      I noticed this issue when updating resource costs and then running earned value report. When the baseline was set with a status date of today, the costs did not change correctly. however when I set the status date to the project start date, then baselined, the cost was correct in earned value.

      This was on Project Server 2013 so it may be different, but the situation sounds similar so hopefully this will work for you as well.

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      Michael Street


      I hope it is that easy! I am going to give it a try this morning. Thanks you for a prompt response.


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