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    Robert B

    I have similar tasks in all projects i need to filter and would like to summarize them into one line per project.

    For example, i have 10 Mechanical Assembly tasks per project starting and ending at different dates. And this is the same for different projects. In my master file, i would like to see all the projects but instead of seeing 10 Mechanical assembly lines for each project. I would like to have all the 10 tasks summarized in 1 line with the first earliest start date and the latest finish date of all the tasks in the same project…

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Hope i’m explaining this correctly.

    Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

    Robert, a general suggestion is to put those tasks under a summary task and mark that on the master project. Another thought is to build what I would call a program project. This project would link the key tasks from each of the sub projects to a higher level project. Then you could create an external link to all 10 Mechanical Assembly tasks and then schedule those under a summary task in your program project. Hope that helps…

    Tom Boyle

    Hi Robert,
    I would suggest applying a custom text field to define the type of work in each task in each (sub) project. For example, “MechAssy” or “BuyOut” or “FinalInsp”. Then in the View ribbon, make a new Group definition to Group By Project, Then By (your new custom field). Un-check both “Show summary tasks” and “Maintain hierarchy” in the group definition. If you are going to combine multiple sub-projects into a single master project, then you will want to be sure that exactly the same custom field is used for this definition in all sub-projects, “Text3” for example.

    Unfortunately, the roll-up of group-by summary dates (i.e. start and finish) is a little flaky for master-subproject arrangements (At least in MSP Pro 2010, which I continue to use). Project blanks-out the rolled-up dates after an edit, but the undo button will restore them.

    Despite the title of your post, your question mentions nothing about logical links between projects or between master- and sub-projects. Those are a completely different – and troublesome – animal.

    Good luck, tom

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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