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      My dilemma: I am an engineering planner and my engineers need a calendar that states a day to day task assignment. I need to have exact durations, ie: not resources. I am a technically trained workforce planner, so my brain automatically reverts to hours and days and default durations. I considered edays, but that brings the weekends in, which need to be extracted. I am playing with the hours per day and the 20 days per month in the calendar. My goal is to plan when the document is due on an exact calendar day.
      Is this even possible? Does my description make sense? I hope so.

      So my example is:

      Task development item: 20d

      Task comment item: 20d

      Task delivery item: 30d:

      Total: 70d. (Exact, not duration or resource driven, excluding holidays or weekends that my master Project calendar highlights per my direction.)

      I would need the item to fall on the 70th day exactly as if I were to ‘count’ it out on a hard calendar. It has been a trial for me, as I keep reverting to correct durations and timelines. But they want it to fall as if I had 20 working days and they need it to match. Can anyone give me a direction or advice on this?

      Thank you for any feedback or help you can provide.

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      Kelly, I’m not sure exactly the question but I’ll toss some thoughts to you. You say it is not duration or resource driven but then you reference specific durations. I’m thinking you need to make sure that the durations in MS Project match the durations you would calculate manually. It would be nice to know more about what is off in your scenarios. Anyway, I can provide some things to help (these are more what, not how) * Predecessors will keep each of the three tasks in line (to total 70 days) * Modify the project calendar to include holidays (which will remove those days from the duration calculation). * You didn’t talk much about how you are tracking but using fixed duration will help keep those tasks at the designated duration. There is a lot more to this one but I’m not getting into how. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have additional questions.

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      Larry, thank you for your time. I am open to any suggestions. Maybe I need to do a 30 day w/ weekends off. Hmm…

      I will continue to play with it and I will also see if I can develop a quick vision of my goal.

      thank you!!

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