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      I have Project Professional 16 at work (just loaded) and at home. I copied 5 saved projects from my work laptop onto a thumb drive and opened one up at home to make some additions but when I tried to save my updated project file back to the thumb drive or on my desktop home computer it locks up and I have to re-boot to get out of it. A copy is put on the thumb drive but is incomplete. It sometimes asks about the Global file. I didn’t try export/import but didn’t need to do that when I was saving my previous work files (Project 13) to my home computer and back again.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      I don’t have an answer but some things to try or look at. It might be a problem with or conflict between the two global files. Maybe custom fields named the same or just setup differently? Are the files part of Project Server or Project Online, and if so are they checked out versions or just downloads? I assume this is not a problem with other Project files.

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      Glenn Morrison

      Thanks Larry,
      I found that the project wasn’t saved properly because I didn’t same the Global file to the new location. I guess my next question is “How can I save a work file to a save drive and use at home?”

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Glenn, you shouldn’t have to save the global for a project file from another source. People save projects all the time and I’ve never heard of requiring the global. You might want to check to see if a custom field is somehow conflicting in both your global and the global from your work. Question, does this happen with other files or just the files from your work? That might help narrow it down.

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