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      We are in the midst of a migration, so I have half of my users on MSP2003, and half on 2010. I have some VBA code which must run on both versions. Now I have problems with the TimelineViewToggle command, which I must use for the MSP2010 users, otherwise they cannot use a split view command (MSP2010 considers a view with timeline displayed a split view, so you first have to execute the TimelineViewToggle command, before you can split the view and display e.g. the Task Form in the bottom pane).

      However, If I use that code in MSP2003 I get an error message, because that command is not known in MSP2003.
      How can I write code which simply ignores this statement in MSP2003?
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      If Application.Version=14 then
         ‘Project 2010 Timeline code
      Elnd If
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