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      Jacque Ayala

      I was wondering if there is way to compare the previous schedule with the current schedule at a total level roll-up? If so, does it drill down to the details and reflect what changes were done from the previous to the current by task?

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      Thomas Boyle

      From your description, it seems you have not (yet) found the “Compare Projects” tool (on the Report tab/ribbon in MSP 2016). That tool is intended to compare two versions of the same project, using the task/resource Unique IDs as comparison keys. It examines values in the specified tables from the two projects, then it combines those values and their differences in a new “Comparison Report” project. Differences are identified cell-by-cell, including all detailed and summary tasks. Any roll-ups occur before the comparisons, not after.
      1. The comparison report requires a fair number of custom fields, and this limits the number and types of fields to be included in the compared tables.
      2. If the project files have been managed in a way that fails to preserve the Unique IDs from version to version, then all bets are off.
      Good luck, tom

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      André Stolk


      An alternative scenario might using the baseline feature, if you want to analyze changes on tasks like start / finish dates, work and costs. Are you familiar with baselines in MS Project?

      Good luck,

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