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      Hi fellow members,

      I just got done with updating my schedule. Two of my tasks started late and for them the Complete Through date in the Gantt Chart is after the status date. Is that normal?


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      Carlos Santos

      Hi Sudhakar

      As I understood the tasks started late but before status date and the consequence is the new finish date is after status date.
      What is your problem?

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      Avatar photoSai Prasad

      Sudhakar – This is normal. As the work started late, the work is expected to finish late as its duration is same.

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      It also depends on how you update task progress. If you update the task completion by entering a % Complete value or using the %Complete icons on the task bar, Project will update the progress for that task based on the original duration. This could result in completed work projecting past the status date. For example, I have an 80 hour task with a 15 day duration starting 10/16. My status date is set to 10/22. If I update the task to be 75% complete, Project shows task completion progress thru about 10/29.
      Also keep in mind, while the Status Date does provide some functionality – such as updating tasks as complete up to the status date, it’s primarily used for earned value type calculations.

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        Carlos Santos

        Hi Daril

        If I understood your comments we should not have progress after the status date.
        We can not track the future!
        In your hypothetical case 75% complete that thru the SD, I think we should mark task on track and then update the finish of the task (remained duration, earlier finish)
        Working on Gantt Tracking View.

        Kind regards,


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      Thomas Boyle

      Sudhakar – Indeed, this is “normal” for most users of MSP, since as Sai points out, the Duration is the same. This is an opportunity for you to confirm whether that is the reality. For continuous work, a “Complete Through” date to the right of the Status Date indicates that the Remaining Duration of the Task is LESS THAN the interval from the Status Date to the task’s Finish. I.e. in light of the reported progress, the scheduled Finish date may be conservative, and the task’s overall Duration may be too long.

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