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    I am responsible for planning and bidding projects in a unique industry.  We perform our work offshore and underwater either vessel or platform based.  Our tasks are generally fixed duration as we can estimate how many hours or days of ‘spread time’ a given task will take.  We mobilize the required resources to accomplish these onto the vessel or platform.  Our equipment is accounted for on a 24-hr/day basis as a daily rate, which is not prorated.  Our personnel work 12-hr shifts and are accounted for on a 12-hr/day basis as a daily rate, which is not prorated.

    I have yet to find a clean methodology of quickly modeling projects with MS Project to reflect the various equipment and personnel resource costs anticipated.  We are using MS Project Version 7.  Any and all questions and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    If you are going to model work resources, they will always work out the cost per timer period (minute/hour/day/week etc).  If you are saying, a resource who works 2 hours on a task gets paid for 12 hours, then you cannot use work resources.  Instead you could model this using either material resources (a material being a person) with a resource label of per person” and an associated cost “per person”.   If you have different labour rates for different roles, the this will need to be reflected by having different resources representing the roles in the resource sheet.  Material resources do not effect the work, so this would have to be entered manually.

    I’m assuming you’ve set up 24 hour calendars, and set the hours per day etc to be 24…., default start time to 00:00 etc….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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