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      I’m looking for a way to create a filter with the logic like this:
      Text1 contains "Asked value1:"? AND ((Text1 contains "static string1" OR Text1 contains = "static string2") AND Text2 contains "Asked value2:"?)
      We use a huge amount of subprojects, so creating a Flag is not the best solution, because if we use custom fields, we have to copy it to all subprojects. The filter is working well on every subproject in a master file, so I want to create a custom filter for it. We want to ask value1 and value2 maximum once, of course.
      Any idea?

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      To crate a nested logic you create a blank line between the nested expressions with the AND expression between your brackets
      Hope that helps

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        Ma Csa

        filter logic

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      Ma Csa

      Miles, thank you for your answer. Yes I know how we can create nested logic in Project.
      We can replace my original question with the first and your answer with the second math logic equation:

      filter logic

      As you can see the requested and the answered equation results are different.

      After the normalization of the requested equation we can see that we have to ask twice the dynamic fields if we have only two level filter in Project.

      Do you have any other suggestion?

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