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      Leo Petro

      Here is my Dilemma,

      I am managing a project where one of the tasks is a contest. The contest is for college students. Each college has its own exact start dates and end dates for the quarter as well as holidays. I know that there is enough overlap between the schools academic year to allow for the contest to start and end on the same date because I plotted all their academic schedules and then visually verified the overlap on the plot.

      Now how do I get MS Project 2016 to schedule start and finish dates that overlap. If it can’t for a particular semester how do I get it to skip to the next semester.

      I have tried making each college’s students a resource with the availability dates entered. I then tried assigning them all to “run contest” task but that didn’t work. I also tried assigning a “complete contest” task for each school, linking them all together and then assigning the students from that school to the schools respective finish contest task. That almost worked, but project insists on spilling over from one semester to the next, and I have to have the contest during a semester, though it doesn’t matter which one.

      Any ideas. This is the perfect kind of problem for software to solve but I don’t want to write code to do it if MS project can do better.

      TIA, Leo

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      Larry Christofaro

      Leo, sorry to hear about your predicament. I read your problem statement multiple times but you have a lot going on which makes it difficult to solve with a written response. You are correct that the software should, and probably can, solve the problem. But, sometimes an automated solution can be more difficult than a manual one, and times it just can’t do it all. Sorry, maybe someone can read it better than I can, or might provide some thoughts that work.

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