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      I have a Project Manager that I support with his MSP schedules and he has a project in Mexico that he has asked me to figure out how to convert the schedule from Spanish to English.  I know that we can configure MSP for several languages, but is there a feature internal to MSP or an add-on that can be purchased that would allow this to be done?  This would be something that would need to be done routinely with each schedule submittal, not just a onetime event.


      I would like to work with this PM on other projects and being able to do this for him would put me in a strong position to do more work for him.  I have been working with MSP since 1996 and have good user skills but I have not heretofore needed to do this type of operation.  I am not a strong IT kind of guy, came up through the field engineering path and software setup and configuration isn’t a strong suite for me.


      I have gotten a lot of good features through my MPUG participation but this is the first time I have found it necessary to request support.  Any guidance that could be passed my way would be greatly appreciated.  If there is another person that I should discuss this with I appreciate the contact and/or introduction.  Please feel free to call me should that be easier than e-mail discussions.


      Best Regards


      Allan L. Burdett

      Program Manager – Project Controls

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      >> I know that we can configure MSP for several languages, but is there a feature internal to MSP or an add-on that can be purchased that would allow this to be done? 

      To my best knowledge, no such software exists for Project if what you need is on-the-fly language translation on the task names and notes. I would copy the task names and notes and paste into Excel, and then translate all the text using an online translation service if the machine translation is sufficient. Custom text fields inserted next to the task name and task notes columns can be used to store and display the translated text. We can, of course, hide the columns anytime we want, and it is always safe to keep the original task names and notes in the file. If you need human translation, then the Excel file can be handed over as pdf, to a translation office offering services to your particular business. Otherwise, Project would identify the elements of the mpp file prepared with Spanish version by internal ids and allow us to open the file in English version with no problem on the field names etc… Some minor work may be required with filter names or other customized items in Spanish. It is always better to get a list of customized items from the client.

      This is my opinion/suggestion. Let us keep following the discussion as the other MPUG members working in multi-language project environments may offer better solutions.

      Kind Regards,


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      Just a word of caution.  Be careful with automated translation services.  The Spanish/English automated translations I have seen are awkwardly stated at best, downright misleading at worst.  Especially in a project schedule where tasks are often expressed as short phrases and there is no context, the opportunity for a misunderstanding is significant.  That is not to even mention abbreviations and slang, which will lead to all kinds of crazy automated translations.

      Dan Reigel

      Project Manager

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      Hello Allan and Ismet,

      Need #1
      To be able to change the language of Project user interface:

      Need #2
      To display content in both languages, as Ismet suggested, you can store previously translated texts of “Task Names” and text fields (ex. “Resource skills”) into other customized fields.
      Then with a very simple macro, you can choose to display all texts in language1 or in language 2.
      Send us your need, it seems very simple: we can build a macro for you for a small price as we are (too) specialized in Project VBA developments since 1998.

      Need #3
      If you need on-the-fly content translation, that is to say you often need to translate new texts/tasks/resource/comments/texts, you are just in time
      J: starting from Office 365 launch on January 29th, Project tasks can be automatically translated and published in different languages in a collection of multilingual SharePoint 2013 SaaS sites (in that case: Project management sites).

      With new “catalog-enabled lists” feature, SharePoint 2013 can be configured to perform automatic translation and publication of lists, i. e. Project Task lists too (As you know, Project tasks can be synchronized with SharePoint tasks lists).

      For your information, after the official Project Online/SharePoint Online launch on Feb. 27th. (professional side of Office 365), we will offer a SaaS service with all new SharePoint 2013 benefits, including a free sandbox for selected project managers having professional needs like you have, where this automatic translation and publication feature will probably be activated.
      If your translation need is important, feel free to contact us in March and ask for a free access to one of our SaaS Project Management sites sandboxes.

      Paul Martin
      Project Online Services – Luxemburg

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      I’m looking to make a good translation myself.

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      Klais Surik

      You should absolutely think about where to turn in order to generate a successful translation. So you don’t need to wait long, so you can quickly and precisely acquire a translation online english to german . In addition, you may choose a lot of different languages and the translation will always be great in quality. The language of your choice does not make the translation poorer.

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      Thank you so much for these recommendations!

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