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    Dear Team,

    I have joined a new organization. My Project Manager has updated about 19,000 activities as a separate schedule, which was originally taken from the 28,000 activities schedule. I am required to update those activities in the master schedule. If I copy and paste them, the text and duration part is OK, but how do I do it for predecessors and resource allocations ? Please advise

    With Best Regards,

    Jigs Gaton

    Hi Varun, if I understand what u are trying to do, I’d say stop cutting and pasting! That only preserves what you see during the cut, if I recall.

    So, for a 28,000 activities schedule, that should be a master plan that imbeds a subproject of 19,000 activities stored in another file. 9,000 activities are in the Master Project, and 19,000 are in the Sub Project, just to be clear.

    I wrote up the detailed cut and paste procedure once… but alas, it was a different time 🙂 But its not hard, starting with the original plan, dup that, cut them up in the correct proportions, then imbed the sub into the master – done!


    The link to the article will be helpful. Thanks

    Jigs Gaton

    Cant find the one I wrote, but here is another one:



    And before putting percent complete, do we set a baseline first always. Is it compulsory ? As in this project, there is no baseline set, and for many tasks the percent complete is given as 100% and for many of them, it is given as some value between 1 to 100%. How do I handle this ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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