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      BELINDA J Lee

      Hi All,

      This is probably a very basic question. Forgive me, I am a PM university student navigating my way through MS project!

      Just something I have been stuck on for over an hour now! When I set up a 2 hr meeting in MS Project, I want it to give a cost of 2 hours per attendee (resource), not divided up between them all, as this is a case where more resources does not decrease the work time etc.
      I have tried unclicking effort driven tasks, fixing the duration, but nothing will stop the resources costs being divided by that 2 hrs!

      Can anyone please give me any hints or tips?!

      Thank you!

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      Jigs Gaton

      Yes. there is a panel under task, display task details, where all the resources are listed. Within that list u can assign hours to each person attending ur meeting. try that! Cheers, Jigs

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