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      I am so confused. This is a very simple plan that has three graphical indicators. (Red, Yellow, and green) The formula simply says this:

      If CPI is
      greater or equal to 1 then Green
      equal to .97 then Yellow
      equal to .98 then Yellow
      equal to .99 then Yellow
      less than .97 then Red

      I am showing a red “X” on some of the jobs and I have no red “X’s” checked to use, only red, yellow, and green dots.

      So Frustrating….

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Wow, not sure where that is coming from either. One suggestion that might help is to state if CPI is >= 1 then Green, < .97 then Red, Yellow. It might do a better job of not leaving a number unassigned (like maybe the number .9754867). Can’t help with the “x’s” but I’d be happy to take a look at the schedule if you want. Try posting a picture of the actual formula and graphical indicator criteria I’m sure there’s an answer.

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