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      I have an issue with time reporting follow up, that I was wondering about and thought someone could have an answer to. I’m using Project 2013 Professional desktop version only.

      On my current PM assignment, time reporting is done on a monthly basis with four weeks interval. However the week periods is adjusted so all resource reports time, from week 4 in e.g. May and to week 3 in June. So the reporting is adjusted in these periods all over the year.

      So for the time follow up of the resources which I do in the task usage view, it would be very beneficial if I could set the time scale to show these periods. I could then enter the hours for that entire period per resource and see the result based on these specific periods.

      However I have not yet found a method to enable this. I could set the time scale to weeks and add a 4 in the count field. However then the period starts counting and is dived in 4 weeks period with a starting date from 1984 3rd Jan which is the first available date in the task usage view (and in any part of program).

      Help would really be appreciated.


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Anders, unfortunately I tried with no luck for any out of the box. functionality. Maybe someone can get creative to figure it out.

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