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      MS Project 2013 Standard

      My Internet connection is not exceptionally fast, so to speed up reading & writing and to reduce the potential of file corruption due to Internet disconnects, I store my .mpp files in a Folder on my laptop and upload Backup Copies to the corporate server for safekeeping.

      I use a macro (shown below), that I added to the Quick Action Toolbar, to save Backup Copies of .mpp files.
      The macro saves the current .mpp file and creates a duplicate .mpp file (Backup Copy) with the date and time of file creation appended to the file name.

      Schedule_Project1_2021-03-19-13-41.mpp (Backup Copy .mpp File created on 2021-03-19 at 1:41PM)

      I wish to modify the macro to write the Backup Copy directly to the corporate server location instead of the Folder on my laptop.
      However, after I modify the “FILESAVEAS” line of the macro to point to the server, MS Project does not seem to recognize the path to the corporate server location.
      (Getting a “Compile Error : Syntax Error”)

      Anyone aware of any special technique to address this issue? Thanks, KMD

      Sub InSituBackup()

      ‘ MS Project version

      Dim dotIdx As Integer
      Dim fileName As String
      fileName = ActiveProject.FullName
      dotIdx = InStrRev(fileName, “.”)
      If dotIdx > 0 Then
      Dim backupDisplayAlerts As Boolean

      FileSaveAs Left(fileName, dotIdx – 1) & _
      Format(Date, “_yyyy-mm-dd”) & _
      Format(Time, “-hh-mm”) & _
      “.” & _
      Right(fileName, Len(fileName) – dotIdx)
      backupDisplayAlerts = DisplayAlerts
      DisplayAlerts = False
      FileSaveAs fileName
      DisplayAlerts = backupDisplayAlerts
      MsgBox “Unsaved file”, vbCritical
      End If

      End Sub

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      The .mpp file is a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation. It’s one of the most common files used in presentations and it has the same format for all versions of Powerpoint. Visit this site to get best ideas. The .mpp file format is used because it allows multiple slides to be stored in a single file, which makes it easy to back up and distribute large presentations.

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